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Ken is a Certified Specialist, Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law, The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and a lecturer and author of articles on topics in the tax planning and administration of estates. In addition to estate planning Ken devotes substantial time administering trusts for his clients. When necessary he seeks the help of the probate courts to clarify and repair trusts. He also brings neglected trusts up to date, even where those trusts have gone unfunded or have gone for years without proper accounts and reports. He has sought and obtained rulings from the IRS approving changes to trusts. Ken is an experienced and respected probate litigator.

A regular contributor to the legislative process, Ken has authored and/or consulted on a number of legislative provisions, including Civil Code Section 682.1, Community Property with Right of Survivorship. Ken serves on the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, Estate Planning Trust and Probate Law. He has served as President of the Beverly Hills Bar Foundation, President of the Beverly Hills Bar Association, Board member of the California Conference of Delegates of California Bar Associations, Board member, Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and Chaired: the BHBA High School Partnership Project, the BHBA State Bar Conference Delegation; the Conference's Calendar Coordinating Committee; the BHBA Probate, Trusts and Estate Planning Section; the Resolutions Committee; the BHBA Probate Trust and Estate Planning Legislative Committee; and the BHBA Minority Diversity Committee.

As the Chair of the Legislative Committee of the Beverly Hills Bar Probate Section, commencing in 1985, he participated in the California Law Revision Commission's revision of the Probate Code and in legislative proposals in the areas of probate trust and estate planning, for which the Beverly Hills Bar Probate Section received recognition from the California Law Revision Commission. Ken earned his undergraduate degree in physics from Illinois Institute of Technology and received his juris doctorate degree from the University of Illinois. Areas of concentration: Estate Planning, Trust and Estate Administration, Conservatorships and litigated matters.


Martindale Hubbell
AV Rated Attorney
for over 30 years


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Selected Programs Taught:

  • CEB, Fundamentals of Probate Estate Administration
  • CEB, Estate Planning for the Blended Family
  • CEB, Antidotes for Estate Planning Scams and Botched Trusts